Virtua Fighter 2


Released in 1994, running in high resolution at an impressive 60 frames per second, Virtua Fighter 2 was release on Sega's Model-2 hardware in arcades. Adding to the original roster two fighters with unique fighting styles, Shun-Di, master of drunken kung fu and Lion Rafale, master of praying mantis kung fu.

In Q4 of 1995, Virtua Fighter 2 was ported to Sega Saturn, and in the years to follow was release on multiple platforms including Sega Genesis (1996, as a 2D fighter), PC (1997), and ten years later, the Wii's Virtual Console (2007). It was Sega of Japan's biggest hit, being their first title to hit one million in sales in Japan for Sega of Japan. It is widely regarded as one of the 5 best titles in the history of the Saturn platform.


* New to the title.

Virtua Fighter 2.1

Released only in Japan, Virtua Fighter 2.1 featured enhanced graphics, slightly tweaked gameplay and a re-designed Dural as a playable fighter.  This version was also released as part of the Sega Ages 2500 collection. 
The European release has, under the Options tab, the ability to choose between versions 2.0 and 2.1, however the manual makes no reference to Dural. The changes are listed as follows: 
  • Expert Mode added
  • Jacky's Crescent and Sweep attack levels corrected 
  • Akira's long-range dashing elbow corrected to dashing elbow with foot position change
  • Shun's long range sweep is corrected to sweep without foot position change
  • Wolf's punches and elbow attacks added
  • Certain moves no longer knock an opponent down. It is also more difficult to back away from an opponent (the pause between steps is slightly longer). 

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