Slam City with Scottie Pippen


Slam City with Scottie Pippen is an FMV-based basketball game. The player takes control of a rookie streetballer and must work the way up the food chain to reach Scottie Pippen.


The game is played from a behind-the-back perspective with a video running in the foreground of a basketball game. Although the game attempts to make itself feel like a third person game, but is instead a sprite cutout placed in front of a video of a guy filming a basketball game in first-person.

The opponent will attempt to steal the ball or block shots. These attempts must be dodged and wait for the opportunity to score. Because of the limitation of the FMV format, the player can only score at predetermined points indicated by certain movements from the opponent. After every attempt to score, the game cuts away to show activities of the various onlookers.

Platform Sega CD

Platform Sega 32X

Platform PC

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