Drug Watch

In the game the player takes on the role of a teenager who is about to step out into the world and has to avoid the many temptations of life, the main one being drugs. The gameplay is similar to that of side scrollers or Space Invaders, the player controls the teen who has to shift from side to side to avoid the drug pushers attacks of needles and other drugs. The player can fight off the drug pushers by attacking them with the word 'NO'. The player has a resistance bar (the players health) which goes down every time the player gets hit by oncoming drugs. If your bar reaches the bottom you die of a drug overdose.


The game was published as part of a "Say NO to Drugs" Campaign. The game featured messages at the top of the screen warning the player to "Say NO to Drugs" , "Dont Get Needled Heroin Kills" , "Dont Come Unstuck With Glue" and "Avoid All Drugs".


The game is singleplayer only and is controlled by the players keyboard. The game sold for an original price of £1.25.

Platform ZX Spectrum

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