Blade & Sword


This game was released in 2003 developed by Pixel Studio and published by Whiptail Interactive. It is an isometric Diablo II clone, and also features a coupe of extra mechanics that allow for more extensive interaction with both the environment and your enemies, such as jumping over obstacles and picking up enemies.


The game plays like Diablo, as an action RPG whereby the player can walk and run around open areas and hack and slash enemies that they encounter, looting items and money as you go.


There are 3 classes that can be chosen from the game.

Dual-Wielding Fighter
  • Barbarian - He is the strongest of the 3 characters who carries a giant sword to swing at his enemies.
  • Swordsman - The balanced character who is strong with his sword and also quick with his slashes and his speed
  • Dual Wielding Fighter - She is the faster character of the group who uses daggers to make quick work with the enemies. She is weak with her attacks but makes up for it in attack speed, an additional kick skill and can run much faster then the other character


As the player levels up, each character has their own skill tree from different disciplines. They are:


System Requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Pentium II 266MHz


8MB Video Memory

1.4GB HDD Space

Microsoft DirectX 8.1

Platform PC

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