Movie Music and More #21: "Arrietty" by Jamie

Hello all, it's Jamie! James asked me to drop in to share one of my favorite soundtracks that I've featured on my blog! So, today I'm highlighting a track from the OST of Studio Ghilbi’s The Secret World of Arrietty, which is story filled with a stunning attention to detail about a unlikely friendship. The soundtrack was one of the elements that really grabbed my attention during my first viewing of the film. Thanks to the Celtic tunes and melodies that captured my heart, I’m now an anime fan. Funny, no?

Sadly, the soundtrack for Arrietty is incredibly hard to find on YouTube, so I only have one song to share today. Thankfully, it's a good one! (I do own the soundtrack, in CD format! Well worth the purchase!)

Shawn's Lament: This song is incredibly peaceful and haunting. It's "music box" sound reminds me of childhood innocence and a bedtime lullaby. The guitar and flute flow smoothly together throughout the song's course, with the strings stepping in every once and awhile to play a few notes. The harp's clear notes dancing up the scale is also a beautiful addition to the melody. I love listening to this at night for it's soothing nature when I can't sleep!

I hope you enjoyed this track; I highlight unique music just like this every Tuesday on my blog Jamie Talks Anime. I'd love to have you visit and find more great music you can enjoy!

Jamie is a Marvel fan, Sherlockian, and anime enthusiast. She sometimes writes about movies and TV shows on her main blog, Through Two Blue Eyes. However, anime is so special to her that she gave it its own blog, where she writes almost more frequently: Jamie Talks Anime. Come visit her anytime, she will welcome you with streamers in the comment sections. ;) Thank you for having me on the blog, James! :D

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