Pixar's Lava Review and Inside Out First Reaction

Preceding screening of Inside Out, Lava is Pixar's short film that was originally screened at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival last year, but is now being screened to the public. The film is a simple musical love story about a lonely volcano singing about he wishes that he would have someone to love. Essentially 7 minutes of singing, the short does seem to drag on longer than its runtime. However, it manages to convey an emotionally manipulative short film that tries its hardest to make the audience feel something. Does it succeed? A little, but not too much because I knew exactly what it was trying to do. 
Overall: 7.5/10- With that said, the animation is simple, yet good, and as a whole, it is worthwhile enough to recommend that you make it to your seat before it starts. Being Pixar, it will probably win the Oscar for an animated short film...

Now for my Inside Out First Reaction, I had a surprisingly good time. In fact, for the first time is more than a decade, I watched an animated film in theaters. The last one I watched was Finding Nemo back in 2003. I wanted to see The Lego Movie last year, but things did not work out, and I was glad to see Inside Out in theaters. Being so late in its run in a relatively small town, there were not many people at theater. Surprisingly, there were only 5 or 6 kids and about 20 adults, which shows how Pixar movies truly appeal to the adult audience as well. Before my review of the film tomorrow, here are a few reviews by fellow critics, and let me know if you have reviewed the film and I will include it below.

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