Star Wars Battlefront: Gameplay and Local Co-op!

Wow! The first gameplay trailer of Star Wars: Battlefront just released at E3, and the Battle of Hoth looks amazing! Like the original Battlefront, the game will include both first-person and third-person gameplay and even Jedi! It looks as though there is now some sort of campaign to go along with the highly anticipated multiplayer. Dice, the head development studio, has added spit-screen to the game, which was surprising because split-screen was missing from their flagship franchise Battlefield. However, as huge fan of the original Battlefront franchise, I am so pleased that local multiplayer will be included. You have no idea how many hours my brother and I spent playing the first two games as kids, and beyond excited! We have been waiting for literally a decade! For me, this is the must-play video game of the year! What do you think of the gameplay? Please let me know in the comments, and check back soon for more movie news and reviews.

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