Movie Music and More #12: "X-Men" (2000)

Good morning!  Hamlette here again, ready to discuss one of my favorite movie soundtracks.  Today, we'll be listening to music from X-Men (2000), composed by Michael Kamen.

We owe a lot to this movie, don't we?  It kicked the popularity of superhero movies into high gear by not trying to turn the story into Serious Drama like the first couple of Batman movies, but also not descending into silliness and camp like the last couple of '90s Batman movies. Instead, it unabashedly presented complex characters who happen to have super powers, giving them a stylish story that does not pretend it's not based on comic books.

This score contains one of the most haunting, achingly beautiful themes of any movie soundtrack I have ever heard.  I'm talking about the first two minutes of the final cue, "Logan and Rogue."

(This movie is 15 years old, but I'll still say it:  Spoiler Alert!)  In the movie, of course, this is the point where Wolverine risks his own life to save Rogue by letting her take his healing powers.  It's an amazing moment in the film, but even if you haven't seen it, I think you'll still feel the emotions here.

My other favorite cue on this soundtrack is "Mutant School" because of the way it conveys cautious optimism.  It starts out as a happy, hopeful song, then turns quiet and contemplative, reminding us to enjoy our powers, but to take them seriously too.

That's all for today, friends!

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