Jurassic World Breaks Box Office Records!

Wow! Jurassic World smashes the world box office record like an angry T-Rex by grossing more than half a billion US dollars! Jurassic World now holds the record for the highest grossing movie worldwide with a whopping $511.8 million dollars and was number one in all 66 countries it debuted. Domestically, Jurassic World grossed $204 million, second only to Marvel's The Avengers with $207 million. The film was tracking at around $100 million, but it certainly surpassed everyone’s expectations! Chris Pratt is appearing to be more of a box office draw than anyone could have expected. What surprises me is that it is making so much money. Sure, the original Jurassic Park was incredible for the time, but the sequels.... Well, they sucked. Are you surprised by the film’s record breaking numbers? Do you plan to see the film in theaters? Please let me know in the comments, and check back tomorrow for the continuation of the Top 25 TV Shows of 2015.

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