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Supergirl, the romantic comedy of superheroes? Supergirl is the latest TV adaptation of a DC posterity, and as the trailer explains, Supergirl is the cousin of Superman. Well, this trailer is certainly divisive. Some people absolutely hate it, while others actually kind of like it. My first thought is that it could be a fun, albeit goofy, superhero romcom, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, Supergirl is airing on CBS, and therefore is not connected to the spectacular CW-verse with Arrow and The Flash. If it was connected, I would be 100% onboard with this series. Despite dropping Gotham due to it being painfully mediocre (and from the reviews, I did not miss anything), I am skeptically optimistic about Supergirl because it looks like it trying to be a classic superhero story with a romcom on the side. The superhero parts look fun, but the other parts look generic. There is potential for an epic fail here, so I am curious if the creators can make it work.

Since DC is apparently incapable of getting their stuff together, Supergirl is not likely to be connected with any other DC series or movie. It uses a lot of Superman references, so I wonder if Superman can ever become a part of the series, but that is also unlikely. Even if he does, it will be an entirely different Superman than the movie version.

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