Pixels - Official Trailer #2

Pixels’ second trailer is looking even better than the first trailer. For one, the use of "We Will Rock You" by Queen is excellent, and I am glad to see more of the great Peter Dinklage. The idea of getting together all of the best people for each game should be fun. With movies about misfits being so popular right now, Pixels might actually work, and I certainly hope it does. Also like Guardians of the Galaxy, Pixels is about 80s culture, thus attracting adult audiences from that generation, who will take their kids to see it.

However, I did notice that Adam Sandler and Kevin James are not featured heavily in the trailer, which makes me a little worried the funny parts that we are shown are their only funny parts. Otherwise, I think this will be a relatively fun family-comedy about video games! On a side note, the trailer does interest the causal audience, aka my mother, because she wants to see it (she loves Pac-Man).

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