DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Trailer

DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the upcoming spinoff series that will bring together DC's heroes from the CW's DC universe into one series, and honestly, I could not be more excited! However, I would say that if you have not seen Arrow or The Flash, there are some mild spoilers. 

In short, I am extremely hyped for this! Arrow and The Flash, flawed as they may be, are two of my favorites TV series, as they are perfect examples of DC adaptations done right (reviews of each coming soon). Legends of Tomorrow appears to be the CW-verse's version of the Justice League meets Suicide Squad. I do question some of the choices made for the team, and the placement within the series' timeline is utterly confusing, but this looks like it is going to be SO much fun. Arthur Darvill, of Doctor Who and Broadchurch fame, will be playing the time-traveling Rip Hunter among a team of new and old faces. Using the immortal Vandal Savage as the antagonist is a brilliant idea for a fun time-travel story, and the team dynamic will be rather interesting. I am curious as to how there is so much of this filmed when it is not even premiering until next year! One would assume that another season Arrow and The Flash will begin airing first later this year, so I wonder where it fits into that timeline. 

*Spoilers* My problem is that Sarah is now brought back to life. I know that the Lazarus Pit can bring people back to life, but Sarah has been dead for a while, and I was hoping that she would stay that way (otherwise anyone can come back). Also, Captain Cold and Heat Wave are somewhat strange additions to the team, but it could still work. However, it is fun to see that Palmer, aka the Atom, can become small like the Arrow season finale alluded to. *End Spoilers*

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