Avengers: Age of Ultron - Podcast Part 1

On today's podcast, Jamie and I discuss our thoughts on Avengers: Age of Ultron with an in-depth discussion on the various aspects of the film. We start off with our spoiler-free thoughts of the film, and then we go into a full spoiler discussion. 

Unlike my other podcasts, this one was somewhat of an impromptu recording since we were going to talk about the movie away. On the plus side, our conversation is more nature and hopefully humorous, but we lack focus on the topic like my other podcasts. Also, please excuse my voice; I had a cold at the time, so I sound strange. Anyway, I hope you enjoy our spoiler rambling, and you can download the podcast by right clicking on the link below or listen to it on YouTube or the other audio player.

Host: James the Reviewer from J and J Productions 1809
Co-Host: Jamie from Through Two Blue Eyes

If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to johnstarslayer@gmail.com.

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