Avengers: Age of Ultron is Finally Here!

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is finally here in North America! The wait is finally over! Aside from the absurd spoiler comments by various new commenters, and one thing mentioned on a video, I have managed to avoid spoilers and reviews. You might think avoiding reviews is crazy. However, I want my review of the film to have as little influence as possible from outside sources. I am not saying that I am easily swayed, but not knowing what to expect is how I prefer to experience any type of media. 

For example, I watched Inception and The Matrix without knowing anything about the films, and those are two of the best movie watching experiences I have had. On the other hand, I watched The Amazing Spider-Man trailer many times, and as someone who has seen the movie and trailer know, the trailer spoils major plot points, so I was essentially left waiting for certain scenes to happen.

Anyway, hopefully I will get to see the film soon, although I am not sure when. Until then, I have some Marvel posts ready with tomorrow being Marvel Trivia. Also, I plan to review Agent Carter and Daredevil within the next two weeks, or at least I hope to do so.

P.S. Due to several more comment trolls spoiling more of the movie, I will refrain from reading comments that are not from regular readers until after I see the movie.

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