Agent Carter is Returning for Another Season!

After the Agents of SHIELD finale, it was revealed that Agent Carter will be returning next year! Despite the poor ratings, Marvel and ABC has decided to bring back the fan favorite series, which surprised many viewers, myself included. Apparently, the originally rumored Mockingbird and Hunter spinoff has been put on hold, and Agent Carter returns instead; I am not complaining! According to ABC's Paul Lee, there is still the possibility of the spinoff at a later date, but not right now. However, the best part of this news is that Agent Carter is back! Right now, Marvel has gone from lagging behind DC on the small-screen to almost dominating them. The Flash and Arrow are still among my favorite series on TV, but Agents of SHIELD has been positively amazing in its second half and you can read why Daredevil is a must-watch in my review of it tomorrow. Also, I really need to finish writing my review of Agent Carter season 1. What do you think of the Agent Carter news? And please check back tomorrow for my review of Daredevil.

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