Movie Music and More #6

After receiving feedback in the comments (thanks everyone for that), I have decided that alternating between more well known and obscure music is best, and today's track is one that few if any of you have ever even heard of it, "Hyouri" from Bakemonogatari by Satoru KĊsaki. "Hyouri" is the type of track that sets an eerie and mysterious mood. The electric ting and string instruments towards the end are not the best, but the other aspects are perfect for the mysterious nature that it used in. Below is another track from the Monogatari series titled "Imitation," and it has more of a mischievous, yet slightly sinister, tone to it that almost remind me of something from a Danny Elfman score for a Tim Burton film. While neither is a track that I listen to all the time, both are excellent mood setting tracks for writing that give off a fun feel. What did you think of this week's music? Please comment below and let me know.

If you are curious about the works that these tracks came from, the Monogatari franchise is a collection of stories that venture into the supernatural with an almost arthouse and experimental style packed with quick and witty dialogue. The series is a personal favorite of mine.
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