Ant-Man Trailer 2

The first full trailer for Ant-Man is here, and it reveals a lot more about the plot. The best aspect of this trailer is how well the special effects work. Ant-Man's abilities seem as though they are going to be amazing to watch on the big screen. However, considering how few lines Paul Rudd has in the trailer makes me question whether or not he can pull off the dramatic scenes, because all of his lines in the trailer are comedic, which we know he is great at. The antagonist, Yellowjacket, looks a lot like Ultron in design. It makes me wonder if Ultron is going to have a connection to the film or that all of Marvel's robotic suits are based on Iron Man. Michael Douglas is excellent as expected, and Evangeline Lilly looks like she is going to be fun to watch, except that her hair looks strange. Also, the train gag at the end is genuinely funny, so good job. While some might say that Ant-Man is going to be Marvel's first failure, until I see the film for myself, I am still confident that Ant-Man will at least be a fun film. What do you think of the trailer? Please comment below, and let me know what you think of my screenshot album below, and whether or not you rather see them in the post or in gallery format (please let me know if it does not work). 

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