Top 5 Green Haired Anime Characters

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! To celebrate, it is time to rank the Top 5 Green Haired Anime Characters! Considering the amount of crazy color hair in anime, you would think that green hair would be everywhere and yet, when you actually you look for characters with green hair, you will find that there are not very many of them, at least in the anime that I have seen. For this list, the criteria is simple, if a character's hair is mostly green, they can be included on the list, and my rankings are ultimately determined by how much I liked the character in question, so let’s get started!

Companion to the titular character, Chaika, and adopted brother of the main hero, Toru, Akari Acura often plays the "straight-man" in the comedic moments of the series with her deadpan delivery and overly-serious remarks. For the number five spot, it was between Akari and Lubbock from Akame ga Kill, and while Akari is not all that well developed, as a supporting character, her entertaining interaction with the cast left more of an impression on me than Lubbock, who was one of the more forgettable characters from Akame ga Kill. For more on Chaika - The Coffin Princess, you can click here for the full review, and you can click here for my review of Akame ga Kill.

4: Shintarou Midorima (Kuroko no Basuke)
Shintarou Midorima is a three-point expert in the Generation of Miracles and simi-antagonist in Kuroko no Basuke. He is the nonsense kind of guy, who has epic "Glass Adjustment" moments , and as season three is currently airing, he continues to entertain as a character.

3: Makishima Yusuke (Yowamushi Pedal)
Makishima Yusuke, also known as the "Spider" among fellow cyclist due to his unorthodox hillclimbing style, plays the role of the seemingly unapproachable senpai to the main character, Onoda, until he opens up and gives Onoda the metaphor and literal push to up for victory. Of course, the series is not finished yet, but thus far, Makishima is one of my favorite among the Yowamushi Pedal cast.

2: Mion Sonozaki (Higurashi)
In a series full of insane and mysterious characters, Mion Sonozaki might just be the most complex of them all. Without spoiling the many shocking twists in one of the most twistedly fascinating anime ever, Mion starts out as a seemingly shallow tomboy type of girl until her true backstory is revealed.

1: C.C. (Code Geass)
C.C., aka C2 in the dub, is the first female anime character to really leave an impress on me with her development and all around character traits. Lelouch's emotional center and support battle throughout Code Geass, C.C. is the character that sets the entire plot into motion. With a intriguing yet tragic backstory, C.C is a character that can have her moments of lightheartedness, like the "Pizza Girl" episode, as well as darker compelling drama as the series continues.

Who are your favorite green haired anime characters? Please comment below and let me know! And do not forget to check back tomorrow for more!

Honorable Mentions: Atsushi Kinugawa (Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!), Clavis (Death Parade), Lubbock (Akame ga Kill), 

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