Top 10 Comedies: Part 3

The third and final part of my Top 10 Comedies list is here! If you the first two parts, you can click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

While Shaun of the Dead was a lot of fun, Hot Fuzz sold me on Edgar Wright's skill as a director in a film that both funny and intriguing enough to be a real mystery.
Plot: 9.4/10- Considering that Hot Fuzz is a comedy that is intentionally parodying the crime and mystery genres, the mystery and plot is surprisingly competent.
Hot Fuzz's plot is well written with the audience being given enough information to figure out the mystery, while also being a smart satire on the genre. At some points, the movie actually feels like a serious, well written mystery with some great humor thrown in.
Characterization: 8.2/10- As with Edgar Wright's Shaun of the Dead, the two main characters in the film have satisfying character arcs. Nick Angel is a likable protagonist, and his extra dedicated demeanor often results is some great humor.
Humor: 9.3/10- Edgar Wright's British satirical humor is right up my alley, and Hot Fuzz is full of it. While the movie is not necessarily hilarious all of the time, the jokes rarely miss, especially if you are an action movie fan.  Also, the movie is rated R for a reason, and the deaths in the movie are gruesome with plenty of blood to comedic extent, providing you have a sick sense of my humor like myself.
Overall: 9.2/10- Overall, Hot Fuzz is an intelligent and often humorous action comedy that also has one of the best and most competent plots of any comedy. Edgar Wright's is a genius when it comes to comedy and satire, and Hot Fuzz is his best work to date. (you can read the full review here)

2: Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot, the classic comedy that follows two guys, Joe and Jerry, who disguise themselves as women and join a band to escape from the mob. Ranking number one on AFI (American Film Institute)'s comedy list, Some Like It Hot is the quintessential comedy that anyone that considers themselves a film fan should watch.
Acting: 9.3/10- Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon star in my favorite roles from the duo. Their performances make the concept of two guys dressed as women really work. Marilyn Monroe is surprisingly good in her role of the ditzy blonde, and while she might not have the most depth as an actress, she is great at playing this type of role.
Humor: 10/10- Screwball comedy at its finest, Some Like It Hot's humor is the epitome of classic humor. Trying to describe the humor is difficult, but it is something that you need to see for yourself. 
Overall: 9.5/10- Some Like It Hot's screwball humor might not appeal to some of today's audience; however, if you enjoy comedy or movies in general, at least watch this classic.

1: Ghostbusters
"Who you gonna call!? Ghostbusters!" Yeah, Ghostbusters is my favorite comedy of all-time!
Acting: 9.9/10- Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, and Rick Moranis: with a cast like that how could the movie not be amazing!? Bill Murray is at his deadpan finest as Dr. Peter Venkman. His reaction and delivery of the witty dialogue is absolutely perfect. Despite Murray's scene stealing performance, Aykroyd, Weaver, and Ramis are not out shined in their roles.
Humor: 10/10- Ghostbusters might not be the comedy that makes me laugh the most, but Ghostbusters is the most fun to watch and rewatch. When I rewatched the film for the first time since I was a kid about two years ago, I did not expect it be nearly as smart as some critics had said, and yet it far surpassed my expectations. 
Overall: 9.5/10- With a witty script and a surprisingly competent plot, Ghostbusters continues to prove why so many hold it in such high regard!

What are your favorite comedies? What do you think of my list? Please comment below and let me know. Also, thanks everyone for comment and making this one of the more successful posts in a long time. My next list is probably going to be Top 10 Villains since it received the most votes.

Honorable Mentions: Beverly Hills Cop, Elf, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Lego Movie, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, The Pink Panther, The Great Dictator, Spaceballs,

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