Top 10 Comedies: Part 2

7: The Other Guys
One of Will Ferrell's lesser known comedies, The Other Guys takes the standard buddy cop premise and delivers a personal cult classic of sorts.
Characterization: 7.7/10- Despite being a comedy, the two main characters, Gator and Terry, actually have some decent character drama thrown in amidst the comedy. Of course, it is not on the level as some truly classic comedies, but it really does work.
Acting: 8.9/10- Will Ferrell gives the same reliably hilarious performance that you expect from him, and Mark Wahlberg gives my favorite performance from his career. However, the best part is the chemistry as the actors play off of each other. Plus, with guest stars like Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Steve Coogan and Michael Keaton, how can it not be ridiculously funny!
Humor: 9.4/10- The Other Guys is the type of film had me laughing so much that it hurt. The jokes are not always the most clever, but the dialogue is some of the most quotable since Ghostbusters. Nearly five years after watching the first time, The Other Guys is a film that my family and I still quote to this day.
Overall: 8.3/10- The Other Guys might not be nearly as high on other comedy lists, but it is a comedic classic in my book that made me laugh, and when it comes to comedy, that is what matters most.

6: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Despite my original review of Monty Python and the Holy Grail not being quite as positive as the opinion of others, since that review, my opinion of it is a lot more positive than before.
Plot: 7.6/10- The plot follows a comedic take on King Arthur's quest for the Holy Grail, and as with most satirical films, the story is not all that important for anything other than delivering the comedy, and in that respect, it does so extremely well.
Comedy: 9.4/10- Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a treasure trove of unforgettable quotes, classic scenes, and hilarious satire! While some of the jokes do fall a bit flat, the ones that hit the mark are incredibly memorable. Whether it is King Arthur's duel with the Black Knight or the use of coconuts to create the sound of a horse's gallop, there are many parts of the film that I continue to quote and reference today, maybe even more so than any other film on this list. However, the humor is not quite as strong in the middle portion of the film compared to the first and last parts, although it is still humorous. Of course, the film's humor is very specific with its British wit and satirical comedy, so not everyone will find it funny.
Overall: 8.5/10- Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a classic through and through. From the unforgettable quotes to the hilarious satire, the film is just all around brilliant!

5: Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day is the one comedy on this list that everyone probably has at least heard of, and most have seen, or at least should have seen by this point.
Plot: 9.7/10- Without a doubt, Groundhog Day's plot is the best ever for a comedy. The term "Groundhog Day" is used to refer any situation where a character relives the same day endlessly; it is ingrained in pop-culture. As for the execution, it is fantastic! Even though the movie slows down towards the end, the use and idea for the concept is positively brilliant!
Comedy: 9.2/10- Most of the humor comes from the use of the concept to create well written and hilarious situations. One might expect the film's repeat parts to get old, but it never does. Along with the repeat humor, Bill Murray's classic deadpan comedy is a highlight. 
Overall: 8.6/10- Groundhog Day is a comedy that everyone needs to watch at some point. It is ingrained in pop-culture, and the film itself is hilarious (obviously).

My first experience with an Edgar Wright film, Shaun of the Dead demonstrates how a comedy can be more than just funny.
Characterization: 8.7/10- Considering that most comedies have flat characters that are only present to create laughs, Shaun of the Dead's characters are surprisingly likable, and the main ones even have well written character arcs. Some dramas do not even feature characters this well written and memorable!
Humor: 9.4/10- Edgar Wright's brand of humor is British, and therefore, it is dry and witty rather than crude. Since humor is entirely subjective, if you do not like British humor, you will likely not enjoy Shaun of the Dead's comedy. On the other hand, if you are like me, then you should find the movie hilarious. The dialogue is well written, and Edgar Wright's quirky directorial style is bold and unlike anything else; I love it!
Overall: 8.7/10- Overall, Shaun of the Dead is a smart comedy with surprisingly well realized characters and a unique directorial style by Edgar Wright, which results in my favorite zombie flick to date. (You can click here for my full review.)

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