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Today I unveil my new post signatures! Yeah, I know this is not much of a post, but my old post signature is outdated with my old screen name, "James Starslayer," which is not reflexive of my current penname, "James the Movie Reviewer," or just "James the Reviewer." Also, I have two new signatures: one for my usual posts about movies and such, and another one for my anime posts, Please let me know what you think of them in the comments, and even though I am changing now, some of my upcoming posts already have the old signature, so those will still have the old on them, if I forget to change it.
As anyone can notice, this is a picture of Han Solo, my favorite character ever, from Star Wars (1977). Since my profile picture on Blogger is Han, this seems like the right one to use, and come on, Han is the best!

A lesser known character, Shiroe is the protagonist of Log Horizon. While he might not be my favorite anime character ever, Shiroe reminds me of a much smarter and cooler version of myself. Plus, he wears glasses, and he is known as "The Villain in Glasses" in the series, even though he is a good guy, so yeah, he's awesome.

This is one that I made while trying to find the right picture for the final product. Han essentially holding the text looks kind of strange, so I ditched the idea, but I wanted to post it here for fun.

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