Movie Music and More #3

After my first two Movie Music and More posts have gotten the series off to a strong start with more well known film scores, let's take a look at one that is relatively popular, yet not brought up nearly enough, Princess Mononoke by Joe Hisaishi. My particular favorite of the score is "Departure to the West." Everytime I listen to the score, I literally get chills. Even though more fast pace fair is usually my thing, Hisaishi's sweeping melody sets the perfect melancholy yet adventurous atmosphere that fits the film perfectly. Another excellent track is "The Legend of Ashitaka," which is also included on the playlist above along with several other tracks

If you are interested in film scores, you should probably have at least heard of Joe Hisaishi, and if not, you have now, because he is one of the greats that is most known for working with Hayao Miyazaki on many Studio Ghibli films.

What do you think of today's pick? Are you interested in these lesser known film scores? Please comment below and let me know, and check back tomorrow for a trailer review.

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