Harrison Ford Returns for Blade Runner 2

The upcoming Blade Runner sequel is greenlit with Harrison Ford returning to play Rick Deckard and Denis Villeneuve set to direct. Well, we are getting another Blade Runner movie.... Yeah, honestly, I am really skeptical about this. The original Blade Runner is one of my favorite sci-fi films ever to, and it is the type of film that does not need a sequel! Well, at least a sequel with Ford returning is so much better than a remake. Unfortunately, Ridley Scott is not returning to direct, although French director, Denis Villeneuve's film Incendies, was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, so maybe he can deliver a quality Blade Runner film. According to reports, Blade Runner 2 is set "several decades" after the original film, and filming will start next year. Considering the ambiguous ending of the original film, maybe it will expand on the possibilities and provide a definitive answer. Also, Harrison Ford coming back gives me more faith in the sequel, although Ford returned for a fourth Indiana Jones and we all know how that turned out.... Regardless, Blade Runner 2 is a sequel that no really wants. Of course, we could all be surprised, but we will just have to wait and see. Please let me know what you think in the comments below! On a side note, for any Blade Runner fans reading this, I highly recommend the series Ergo Proxy, a similarly dark cyberpunk story with well written characters and a plot that you keep you thinking for days after you watch it.

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