Yatterman Night: First Impression

My winter impressions continue with Yatterman Night.

Yoru no Yatterman (Yatterman Night)
Yoru no Yatterman, aka Yatterman Night, follows a young girl who, after certain events, learns that her ancestor was the infamous Doronjo, a beautiful thief that opposed the Yatterman Kingdom along with her lackies Boyacky and Tonzuraa. However, they were exiled to an island, and after a certain event happens, the girl travels to the Yatterman Kingdom and is quickly met by being attacked. This makes the girl decide to take up the mantle of her ancestor Doronjo to fight against the Yatterman Kingdom with the help of Boyacky and Tonzuraa's ancestors. 
Being set in the same universe as the old 70s anime, Yatterman, which I know almost nothing about, thus far, Yatterman Night is certainly unique. It is a weird and wacky anime with some surprisingly serious moments. At times, it seems incredibly innocent and retro, yet in an almost pleasant type of way, with young girl's naiveté against the sometimes bleak setting of the Yatterman Kingdom's oppressive and tyrannical rule. However, the series' biggest issue is the tonal clash of the lighthearted "Forehead Flicking Robot" and Tonzuraa's wacky inventions against the darker story elements. Several times throughout the first few episodes, it switches from serious to lighthearted and back to serious too quickly. With that said, Yatterman Night is certainly entertaining, and its unique presentation makes the series an easy watch. The young girl, Doronjo, is hard not to like and her plucky companions have not done a lot as characters, but are fun to watch in action, just be sure to forget logic with Tonzuraa's inventions. Also, the series has, thus far, avoided most tropes and archetypes. Tatsunoko Production's animation, while strange at first, is surprisingly appealing with its retro style, and the opening song is just a lot of fun. 
Yatterman Night's first three episodes will decide whether or not this is the type of anime for you. It is unique, wacky, yet not lacking in heart and fun characters, so if anything in this review sounds interesting, give the series a watch.
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