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Today I introduce a new post series to J and J Productions, Movie Music and More! On this new series, I will post a track or two from a film, television, or other media. Some of the tracks are from an underrated score, while others might be lesser known tracks from a well known movie, like today's pick from The Avengers. Alan Silvestri's score for The Avengers is very underrated as a whole for giving us a score that matches the epicness of the heroes themselves. However, the track above, "A Promise," is an all too often overlooked track from the film's score. It is played near the end during one of the film's most impactful scenes, and it is one of my favorites from Alan Silvestri's body of work. Hopefully, unlike my previous failed attempts, this post series will actually become popular enough to continue in the future, and please let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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