Fantastic Four Trailer Review

Well, maybe this new Fantastic Four movie will not turn out to be all that bad. For numerous reasons, I am extremely skeptical about this new Fantastic Four film. Even though Fox has redeemed themselves with X-Men: Days of the Future being one of the best movies of last year, this F4 (Fantastic Four) film is straying very far away from the original source material. While this is not necessarily problem in itself, since X-Men: First Class did so with a lot of success, certain elements key elements seem to be changed for absolutely no reason. Among other things, the characters are all young. However, the F4 are known for being an older team, who are more like a family, and making them in their 20s is a mistake. Also, there are rumors that Doctor Doom is going to a hacker; he is supposed to be the ruler of a country, not a hacker! Plus, the characters do not seem to have received their powers from a traveling to space! Lastly, the Thing needs some pants!
With all that out of the way, there are certain elements that I do like. For one, the cast is all around well... fantastic! Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, and Michael B. Jordan have previously been praised for their performances in various smaller films, and while I have not seen much of Toby Kebbell, other than his motion capture performance in the recent Planet of the Apes film (review for that later this week), he has the potential to be great with the right direction. Speaking of which, director, Josh Trank, is often praised for his film Chronicle, and he will be directing one of the upcoming Star Wars standalone films. With so much young talent behind the film, maybe, just maybe this drastically different take on the Fantastic Four could work. Of course, I am still extremely skeptical, but this teaser did an excellent job at setting the tone of the film, and it is certainly makes me excited to see in August! What do you think of the teaser trailer? Please comment below and let me know.

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