Amagi Brilliant Park Review

Yet another fall anime review is here with Amagi Brilliant Park.

Amagi Brilliant Park
After being forced to visit an amusement park, Amagi Brilliant Park, by the mysterious Isuzu Sento, Kanie, a former child star and perfectionist, is asked to become the manager and save the park, which will be closed if the park does not reach a certain number of visitors in three months. He is also told that the park is run by the refugees of the magical realm of Maple Land, who live on the happiness of others, so without the park, they will likely die.
Amagi Brilliant Park is a fun anime with an original concept. Even though reaching a certain amount of visitors and one other element revealed later in the series are constant themes throughout, many of the episodes are episodic with each one being about either Kanie's schemes to get more visitors or something related to the park, which often produces great comedic situations.
In terms of comedy, it is most definitely funny with most of the humor relying on slapstick. However, unlike other comedy anime, like Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Amagi Brilliant Park does not seem to focus primarily on the comedy. This is not a bad thing per se, but if you are expecting something like Gekkan or D-Frag, then Amagi Brilliant Park is not it. With that said, the series is still very entertaining and amusing.
As for the characters, Kanie is driven to make the park reach its goal, and while not a deep character, he is fun and not particularly archetypal. Isuzu Sento is the female lead that waves around her magic musket, and even though a romance between her and Kanie is hinted at in the series, it does not go very far, unfortunately. Amagi Brilliant Park’s supporting cast is full of colorful (in more ways than one) and wacky supporting characters that produce a lot of the humor. 
As expected, Kyoto Animation's work on the series is beautiful! Finally, we get to see what KyotAni's character designs in Free would look like for female characters, and the results are stunning. With that said, this is also the first time KyotAni has had true fanservice, and while it is not a major issue, it is still there. However, the rest of the animation from the background art to fluidity is truly top notch.
On a side note, for some reason, the final episode plays out more like an OVA that is disconnected from the main narrative with the second to last episode being the true finale, so do not expect a real finale while watching the series.
Overall, Amagi Brilliant Park is a fun and entertaining anime with an original concept. While it might not accomplish anything spectacular and the conclusion might be a tad disappointing, the stunning art style and slapstick comedy made it more than worth my time.
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