The Rolling Girls: First Impression

My winter impressions continue with The Rolling Girls.

The Rolling Girls
From the studio that brought us Attack on Titan comes The Rolling Girls, the winter season's Kill la Kill. Set ten year after "the Great Tokyo War," each prefecture in Japan is split into independent nations where the prefecture's "Best," which are representatives, battle for territory, and the prefecture’s armies are referred to as the "Mob." After the first two episodes set up the world, the series follows Four "Mob" girls from the Saitama clan, Nozomi, Yukina, Ai, and Chiaya, who travel around mediating battles between clans.
Despite the serious sounding plot, The Rolling Girls is anything but serious. Much like Kill la Kill, The Rolling Girls features over-the-top action, art style, and epically colorful battles. Basically, it is Kill la Kill with less fanservice and more color and moe girls. 
My favorite aspect is easily Wit Studio's style and the sense of fun throughout. All of the art is wonderfully colorful and the style is soft and appealing. It a pleasure to the watch from a visuals standpoint, and even if the series takes a turn for the worst in later episodes, it will be worth watching for the art alone. 
However, there is one big problem: the plot is incoherent and lacking in actual plot. The first two episodes provide information about the world and delivered entertaining action. The main plotline of the series starts in episode three, and while I hope more happens in future episodes, there is not a lot of the plot. With that said, I really hope that the series develops at least a competent plot and give the characters some development because it has the potential for being something incredibly fun!
If you enjoy colorful animation and Kill la Kill-esque over-the-top action yet do not mind an incoherent plot, give The Rolling Girls a watch. However, if you find the lack of plot troubling then just skip it or watch the first three episodes to decide for yourself.
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