Ant-Man Trailer Review

The first Ant-Man trailer is here, the full sized one this time, and it appears to have the makings of yet another excellent Marvel film. The teaser does not show much of the film at all, and even the effects are not particularly shown in detail, so we still do not know much about the film. With that said, Paul Rudd looks great in the role, and hopefully the father-daughter relationship will add the needed heart to the film, which no other superhero flick has done before. However, with Edgar Wright off the project, I am a bit worried that the movie will not turn out as well as the other Marvel flicks. Regardless, until Marvel fails, I will not doubt that any of their movies will turn out great. However, of the upcoming Marvel films, Ant-Man has the most potential for not being as amazing as the previous Marvel films. From this trailer, I am excited. My only problem is that the film is taking quite a departure from the source material, granted, not many people actually know much about Ant-Man, so hopefully it will work out in the end. What do you think of the trailer? Please comment below and let me know.

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