Terminator Genisys Trailer

The trailer for Terminator Genisys is here, and Arnold is back! Except for showing a few too many of the iconic lines from the film, this trailer does a great job of setting up the plot for the film. From the trailer, it seems that the movie is going for something like the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies by using time-travel to create an alternate timeline, so that the original Terminator films still happened, but they can create a new story and franchise around the new cast and timeline. Needless to say, I am actually excited for the film. At first I thought bringing back Arnold to play an old Terminator was absurd, but this trailer has sold me on the movie, much like the Jurassic World trailer. 
Also, if you are not familiar with my opinion of the Terminator franchise, in short, the first two Terminator films are a part of the five film series that shaped my love of movies when I was a kid. Also the Sarah Connor Chronicles television series is one of my TV series as well. However, the third Terminator film, and the more recent Terminator Salvation, were disappointing to say the least, and as far I am concerned, they never happened. With this new Terminator Genisys, it seems that the franchise is going to do what the X-Men franchise did with Days of Future Past. Just like X-Men, the first two films are great, but ones after that were terrible, so using time-travel to reboot the franchise should work. Also, Matt Smith is in the movie, and it will be great to see him outside of Doctor Who.
However, there are three problems that I have with the trailer, and possibly the movie. For one, the name "Terminator Genisys" looks and sounds really stupid with the “y” in Genesis. It looks like the way Arnold would pronounce the word with his accent. My other problem is that the special effects do not even look as good as Terminator 2, which is a problem that the Jurassic World trailer had as well. Hopefully, by the time the film is released, the special effects will be fixed, Lastly, the actor that is playing Kyle Reese, Jai Courtney, does seem like he is all that great at acting, but that is just from the trailer, so hopefully he is good in the movie.
Other than those issues, I am excited to see the film! What do you think? Please comment below and let me know. Also, do not forget to check back Tuesday for the continuation of my Top 100 Movies list.

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