Legend of Korra: Kuvira's Gambit Review

Kuvira begins her assault on Republic City in "Kuvira's Gambit." 

*Spoilers Ahead*
As before, since you should have already watched the episode, a recap of the story should be not necessary. With that said, most of Team Avatar is finally back together, except for Asami, who is still sidelined. However, with a larger focus on the Beifong family, I do not mind it all that much. I am not sure about the rest of you, but the Beifongs continue to be the highlight of whatever episode that they are featured in. Suyin is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, and her interaction with her son is very well done, and it adds some good drama.

Prince Wu actually has another great moment when he addresses the city to help lead the evacuation. Throughout the season, Wu is shown to be an idiot, yet there is still some good in him. 
Korra and the Airbender's covert mission to capture Bataar, with the assistance of the other Airbenders, is a very fun scene. Finally, Tenzin is able to do something this season, along with his brother.

Finally, the episode ends with Kuvira using the Spirit Vine ray to attempt to kill Korra, at the cost of even her future husband, Bataar. Kuvira is a truly ruthless antagonist, and her willingness to sacrifice her lover is a great way to show her commitment to the cause. The episode also concludes with an implied possible death of certain characters. Since the series is still technically "family-friendly," they might not be able to kill off one of the characters. However, I am really hoping that since this is the final season, the creators are willing to kill off one of the main heroes, as unlikely as that is to happen.

In terms of animation, the long distance frames showing the city are superbly drawn. However, the episode also featured some oddly placed still frames. Throughout season four, there is a noticeable lack of either budget or time to complete the animation, with various parts that are clearly trying to save money. The average viewer might not notice the drop in budget throughout, but as an animation enthusiast, it is most definitely noticeable. At least the action sequences are great! 

Overall: 8.6/10- "Kuvira's Gambit" is yet another strong episode of The Legend of Korra. Please be sure to check back tomorrow for my review of the series finale.

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