Legend of Korra: Beyond the Wilds Review

After the clipshow, aka plot-stalling, of the last episode, The Legend of Korra starts to move in the right direction with "Beyond the Wilds." 

*Spoilers Ahead*
Most of the episode focused on the Spirit Vines attacking the people of Republic city because of Kuvira's army cutting them to fuel her weapons. Well, I will keep this review short. A lot of the episode leading up to Korra's meeting with Zaheer was decent, and mostly well done. Although, as usual Prince Wu is often annoying, and Bolin is not as funny as the creators thinks he is. However, finally getting to see more of the leader of the Fire Nation was great. I suppose she is the daughter of Zuko. She does not do much, but it is interesting to hear more about the Fire Nation since very little has been revealed about them. 
As before, Varrick is surprisingly fun and entertaining to watch in all of his crazy antics, and having Varrick work with Asami was a fun idea as well, considering their history together.

However, the highlight of the episode was Korra trying to overcome her inner problems to connect with the Spirit World by confronting Zaheer. Zaheer is probably the best villain in TLOK, and having him reintroduced as a mentor of sorts to Korra is an excellent twist. What made Zaheer such an interesting antagonist is that his intentions are not entirely evil; misguided maybe, but not truly evil. Therefore, Zaheer helping Korra defeat Kuvira makes sense, and the scenes between the characters were excellent.

Overall: 8.4/10- Thanks to the scene between Korra and Zaheer, "Beyond the Wilds" is a solid episode for the series.

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