Marvel Phase 3 Breakdown: Part 2

My breakdown of Marvel Phase 3 continues with a look Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor: Ragnarok, and Black Panther.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: May 5, 2017
After James Gunn hit it out of the park with the first Guardians of the Galaxy being the highest grossing film at the US box office, it should be no surprise that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be released during the early May spot that Marvel has taken for years to come. Unlike the rest of the Phase 3 sequels, Guardians is going for the simple numerical addition to the title, instead of something like "Civil War" or "Ragnarok." Considering Guardians' heavy 1980's influence, going with the numerical title seems to fit. Rumors abound about of the film's plot ranging from new additions to the team including Adam Warlock or even Iron Man! While adding Iron Man to the team is a bit farfetched, other possible additions could include Angela, who started on the pages of Image Comics’ Spawn franchise. However, in comics, Angela has been introduced in the current Marvel universe as Thor's long lost sister and current member of the Guardians in the comics. Personally, I believe there is little need of additions to the Guardians team, since they all worked so brilliantly in the film.
With Thanos and the Infinity Saga looming closer, Guardians plot is likely to more directly involve Thanos and the search for Star Lord's father. With the Avengers film being titled "Infinity War" there is even a possibility that the Guardians will team up with the Avengers at some point to stop Thanos. 

Thor: Ragnarok: July 28, 2017
For those not familiar with the mythology or comics, Ragnarok refers to two different things. The original meaning of Ragnarok refers to the Asgardian apocalypse, where all things come to an end, which is started by Loki in the comics. However, in the comics, Ragnarok also refers to the cyborg/clone of Thor, which goes rogue. My theory is that Ultron might create a cyborg/clone of Thor, which will be revealed at the end of the film, and thus, the cyborg, with Loki at the throne of Asgard, will begin the apocalyptic Ragnarok cycle. Another theory is that the story will center around a more classic interpretation of the Ragnarok cycle with Asgard coming to an end. Currently, no director is attached, but anything involving Tom Hiddleston is never a bad thing.

Black Panther: November 3, 2017
Marvel will be bringing us the first superhero film to star a black lead with Black Panther. In fact, the original Black Panther comic was the first mainstream comic book to feature a black superhero, so it is fitting that he also becomes the first character to receive a big screen adaptation.
Also, the character is set to make his debut in Captain America: Civil War, and I have a theory about when and how. The original comic followed T'Challa, the King of the fictional country of Wakanda, who takes up the mantle of the Black Panther, protector of his people. Due to a meteorite made of the metal vibranium, the substance that Cap's shield is made of, Wakanda is a highly advanced country, but it is also closed off from the rest of the world to protect its valuable resources. My theory about T'Challa's role in Captain America: Civil War is that he will repair Cap's broken shield, which you can see broken in the Age of Ultron trailer, since that has happened several times in the comics. As for the Black Panther film, Andy Serkis is seen in the Age of Ultron trailer with a look that is surprisingly similar to the Black Panther's first adversary, Ulysses Klaw, who will probably be working for HYDRA in the film. Of course, this is only a theory.
Chadwick Boseman is set to play the title character, and since Idris Elba already plays Heimdall in the Thor films, Boseman was my personal favorite for the role. Marvel does it again; they please the fan with every decision made. Boseman's performance in 42 last year proved to me that he definitely has the acting ability to play the role, providing he can pull off the educated South Africa/British like accent. 
Black Panther is a character that I have been hoping to see on the big screen for quite some time now, and it is great to see Marvel moving forward with his character.
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What do you think of these three upcoming Marvel films? Please comment below and check back tomorrow for the continuation of my Top 100 Movies of All-Time list. Also, if you missed the first part of this series, please click here.

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