Legend of Korra: Reunion Review

"Reunion," an episode about, well, reunions....

*Spoilers Ahead*
Finally, after six episodes, the gang is back together again, for the most part at least. Korra, Asami, and Mako reunite over dinner, and they are unfortunately accompanied by the ever annoying Prince Wu. For the first few minutes of the reunion, the interaction between Asami and Korra was good to see again. Their friendship was one of the better aspects of the previous season, and with three years since seeing each other; the two do have a little conflict. Unfortunately, the character interaction is interrupted by Prince Wu being kidnapped for what would become a mostly unnecessary side plot. With the series winding down to its final episodes, it is this filler with Prince Wu all that necessary? Sure, Kuvira would want to capture Wu, but it does not seem to be all that important in the grand scheme of things by the resolution. The only relevant thing to come out of it is Korra showing off her spirit tracking power. On the plus side, the action is as entertaining as ever, and it ends with the three reminiscing about the adventure being like old times. 

The other part of the episode focused on Varrick and Bolin. Varrick has gone from a character that is occasionally annoying to surprisingly entertaining, and he has even had some development, so it was actually Bolin that delivered a few of the more annoying moments. Again, with the series coming to an end, their little side story seemed unnecessarily dragged out. Almost everything important in the episode with both storylines could have been covered in half the time if it was not for the superfluous sidequests. 

Overall: 7.7/10- While still fun and entertaining at times, "Reunion" could have either focused more on the characters or progressed the plot forward. Unfortunately, it still seems to be stalling until the finale. 

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