Jurassic World Trailer

The trailer for Jurassic World is here, and it is rather impressive. Even though the original Jurassic Park is a classic, the sequels are not exactly good, but with Chris Pratt starring, Jurassic World is shaping up to to, what could, one of 2015's most fun adventures. At first, the trailer did not sell me with the kids going off to the park. However, when Chris Pratt stepped-into frame and a slower rendition of the Jurassic Park theme kicked in, the trailer sold me on the film. It may be a bit too similar to the original film, and no film will ever have the WOW-factor of showing dinosaurs for the first time on film, but Jurassic World will hopefully turn the franchise around. Chris Pratt is on a roll, and after watching Parks and Recreation, which he plays one of the best parts of the show, he can do no wrong right now. What did you think of the trailer? Please comment below and let me know.

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