Avengers and Attack on Titan Official Crossover

Last week Marvel announced an official crossover between the Avengers and Spider-Man with the popular Japanese manga/anime Attack on Titan! The comic story will be released in the Japanese magazine Brutus on November 15th (official artwork above). An English release date has not been announced but it should not take long considering the popularity of both properties in the west. The plot of the manga will be in the style of Marvel's iconic "What If" storylines with the following description being released "What if Spider-Man and the Avengers battled a 46-foot-tall Titan in the streets of New York?" Also, as far as I am aware, Spider-Man is one the most popular superheroes in Japan and many fans compare the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear used by the characters in Attack on Titan to Spider-Man's web swinging ability, so this is a perfect fit that I am excited to read! Providing I can get it finished in time, please be sure to check back Friday for my review of Attack on Titan. What do you think of this news? Please comment below and let me know.  

P.S. Due to my previously mentioned nerve damage in my arm still preventing me from typing with two hands, my review of The Legend of Korra and possibly Doctor Who will be delayed. 

Am I the only that gets this joke?

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