Avengers: Age of Ultron Full Trailer

After the teaser trailer a couple of weeks ago, Marvel releases the full version of the trailer. Of course, this is an extended version of the first teaser, so there is not a ton of new footage, but yeah, I am still ridiculously hyped for Age of Ultron! One interesting development is that we finally see the face of the mystery woman at the party, but who is she? All we can tell is that she is Asian, and I cannot think of any Asian characters that she could be playing. Other new clips from the trailer that includes a better look at Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's powers. James Spader continues to blow my mind as Ultron. Maybe he will end up being the best villain since Darth Vader even!

P.S. Sorry everyone for not replying to comments. As before, the nerve damage in my arm is still a problem, but thanks for the good wishes and prayers; at least I have been able to get these short posts written one handed.

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