Legend of Korra: The Coronation Review

Legend of Korra continues its unraveling plot of political intrigue and Korra's attempt at redemption with "The Coronation."

"The Coronation" is an episode light on action and heavy on plot development, which is a good thing. 
*Spoilers Ahead*
As expected, Kuvira takes control of the Earth Kingdom during Prince Wu's coronation ceremony, and sets herself up to the antagonist of the season, although her actions are not all that unreasonable. Why exactly no one did anything when she took the stage during Prince Wu’s coronation? All of the world leaders and the police were right there!?
Prince Wu continues to be annoying, which is my only issue with the episode, although even he had some surprisingly character development moments. With Bolin working for Kuvira's forces and Mako protecting Prince Wu, seeing the brothers’ conflict on what is right is an interesting direction. In fact, I expected Bolin not to side with Mako and Republic City, although turning him against his brother is a better twist. I wonder how long it will take before Bolin and Mako are on the same side again. All of the events in Republic City continue to build upon the moral gray area of who is right and who is wrong in terms of Kuvira's takeover of the Earth Kingdom. Thus far, everything is working thematically, to the point where it almost reflexes some elements of season two of The Last Airbender. My only question about the scenes that take place in Republic City is where is Asami? 

In terms of animation, something seemed to be slightly off. Mako's face during the dialogue exchange below seemed a bit off. Other than that, the animation was solid.
Moving on to Korra and Toph's part of the story in the swamp. In many ways, an elderly Toph in the swamp training Korra is much like Yoda and Luke in the Empire Strikes Back, particularly last episode's parallel to the "The Cave." Seeing Toph again is just great! Anime dub veteran, Philece Sampler (Kill la Kill, Eureka Seven), voices this older version of Toph, and she did such a good job in the episode! She sounds exactly like how I imagined an older Toph sounding. The writers of Korra have made Toph exactly as I remembered her from The Last Airbender by bringing back her humor and wit. Basically, Toph steals every scene she is in. Towards the end of the episode, Toph tells Korra that she might not want to be healed and become the Avatar again, because that she is afraid to be hurt again. Thematically, this scene was the highlight of the episode.

Overall: 8.4/10- While not as poignant as last week's masterpiece, "The Coronation" continues to set the plot in motion in a political plot of moral ambiguity, as well as continuing Korra's struggle.

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Best Toph scene!
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