New Trailer: Expelled From Paradise by Gen Urobuchi

Typically, I am not often interested in 3D animated films, however with the creative mind of Gen Urobuchi behind, Expelled From Paradise, aka Rakuen Tsuihou, is automatically intriguing to me. Other than this vague trailer, not much of the plot is known about Expelled from Paradise, except that it is apparently, it is a science fiction action film. Toei Animation, the creators of Space Pirate Captain Harlock (my review here), is the animation studio behind the production, and while 3D animation is not ideal, it doesn't look half bad. However, the only reason I am even giving this film a second thought is that Gen Urobuchi is the sole writer of the film, and it is an original production, not based on a novel or comic. Urobuchi is most commonly known for his brilliant work on series such as Fate/ZeroPsycho-Pass, and Madoka Magica, and while not flawless, he rarely disappoints his fans, so maybe Expelled From Paradise will be a surprise hit. What do you think? Please comment below and check back tomorrow for my Top 15 Anime of the Fall.

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