Deadpool Test Footage Leaked

Test footage from the Deadpool film starring Ryan Reynolds has been leaked to the internet! And I have posted the video above. Since this is leaked footage, be sure to watch it quick before it is gone and please let me know if the video does not work for some reason. For those not in the know, Deadpool is a Marvel character, who is known for constantly breaking the fourth wall. Often times, Deadpool talks to the reader/viewer, he is fully aware that he is a comic book character, and he even addresses the writers in hilarious ways. Essentially, he is positively hilarious! And Deadpool is a fan favorite, and one of my personal favorites. Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, in X-Men: Origins: Wolverine, where the character was horribly mistreated and ruined. However, Reynolds was one of the few highlights of said film. Unfortunately, the Deadpool film, which is written by the writers of Zombieland, is still in development limbo, so we may never see it. At least we have this great proof of concept that a Deadpool movie would actually work, plus the Deadpool video game. What do you think of the footage? Please comment below and let me know.
Warning: Due to the audio quality and fast talking, I am not sure what is said during certain parts of the video, so there may be profanity. Also below is another version of the footage in case the first one messes up.

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