Wonder Woman Costume Revealed

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman costume for Batman V Superman has been revealed, and I have to say that it could have been much worse. I'll start with the positives first. Well, Gal looks cool in the costume, at least while she is standing still. I am glad she is wearing a battle skirt thing opposed to pants to keep with the Geek aesthetic, and the Tira looks alright. The sword is cool, and the breastplate looks functional and keeps with the classic design to a degree. On the negatives, it kind of has the look of a costume that you buy at a costume store. The gauntlets do not look heavy enough or like metal, and the overall look of the costume doesn't seem heavy enough. Marvel has done an excellent job with costumes based on ancient designs like the Asgardians in Thor, so why can't DC do it as well? Also, her Lasso of Truth is barely visible and should probably stand out more. Overall, not bad. Gadot might actually have what it takes, and maybe it will look better on film. What do you think? Please comment below and let me know.

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