Korra Moving to Digital?

The Legend of Korra, the popular Avatar: The Last Airbender spinoff, is said to be moving to digital after the first few episodes of the seasons received low viewership. As of now, all the creators are saying is that more information will be revealed at Comic-Con. While I have yet to watch The Legend of Korra, I am working my way through the Avatar series so that I can catch up with the fandom, but I wanted to update Korra fans on what is going on. What digital site the series is moving to is unknown, but considering that the majority of the series' fanbase ranges from teenages to adults, moving to digital distribution is a good idea. Maybe the series will air on Netflix, the Nickelodeon website, and some have even suggested Crunchyroll, although I am not a fan of the idea since only premium members will be about to see it in HD. What do you think of the news? Please comment below and let me know. Also check back for more Comic Con news.

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