Blogger's Broke, Again

Blogger is having problems again! As you may have noticed, the Blogger Dashboard is only displaying the most recent post (picture below) and the "View More" button does absolutely nothing! After doing some digging, many others are having the exact same problem. Google/Blogger is apparently aware of the problems, and they have started a forum for people who want to be updated on the progress of the problem, which you can check out here. Hopefully, Blogger will get this problem fixed! Unfortunately, due to this problem, most of you will not be able to find this post. Please let me know if you are also having this problem, and if you have found a way around it, please let everyone know in the comments. Thus far, I have tried every web browser and nothing is happening. Also, I planned on posting my second part of the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, review, but that will be coming tomorrow or the next day, depending on what happens.

This is what the problem looks like.

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