Star Wars Ep. 7: First Behind the Scenes Look!

J.J. Abrams gives us our first look behind the scenes look at the set of Star Wars Ep. 7, and it introduces a new alien creature. What makes me ecstatic is that there is an actual set with puppets and physical set pieces! Hallelujah! Obviously, Abrams knows exactly what we want to see with that fun creature walking up behind him. For one, I love that creature! It is very Jim Henson like. But, if Lucas was still making these, he would be standing in front of a greenscreen and that creature would be made on a computer. Considering all of the backlash for the CGI heavy prequels, I expected real sets, and I doubt Abrams is going to disappoint. Hopefully the majority of the film uses physical sets. Of course there will be plenty of CGI, but whatever you can use practical effects, you should use practical effects. While not a lot of the set is seen, it is obviously Tatooine, and it definitely reminds me of the classic feel, which is going to be the most difficult aspect of these new films to capture. In terms of marketing, the executives at Disney seem to know what they are doing and what the fans want to see. Unlike DC, who are like a baby crying for attention, Ep. 7 is slowing giving us something to get excited about and then, I assume, a trailer is going to be released, and it will hopefully blow our minds. Also, Abrams talks about how fans like us can win a chance to be included in the film as a part of a charity project. What do you think of our first glimpse at the new Star Wars set? Please comment below and let me know.

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