Attack on Titan: Episode 4 Review

Attack on Titan episode four, aka when it all hits the fan! After three episodes of worthwhile and effective setup, Attack on Titan has another setup episode that brings us to the eve of the destruction! 
Episode four picks up two years after the previous episode with the Eren, Mikasa, and the other all graduating from the Survey Corps. As it is explained in the series, there are three parts to the military, the garrison, symbolized by the Roses, that protect and maintain the walls, the military police, which are the highest ranking officers that protect the interior, symbolized by the green unicorn, and the Survey Corps, which are the scouting regiment that attack the Titans outside the walls. Of course, Eren and the others, despite being highly ranked in the class, join the Survey Corps. After teasing viewers with a brief look at the 3DMG last week, the episode opens with the soldiers using them in training. The animation for the scene was superb with the characters flying around the forest with the 3DMGs. After that, we are introduced to a new character named Annie Leonhart. When she appears to be slacking off for the hand-to-hand combat training, Eren and Jean (I believe that is his name) try to teach her a lesson of sorts, and it turns out Annie is already a bada** at hand-to-hand combat, which resulted in a very funny scene. Later, Eren gets into an argument with another recruit, whose name I cannot remember. Eren’s speech to fight against the Titans makes sense with the character, and the scene works well. Hilariously, when the drill sergeant checks out the commotion, Mikasa's says it was Sasha "passing-gas." Sasha was more of a background character, but she still had her fair share of comical moments, especially the scene near the end with her stealing the piece of meat. The episode also introduces a fan-favorite character, Levi, although his appearance is only brief. 
Later in the episode, after one of the characters basically says, "We have had five years without a Titan attack," guess what happens; the Colossal Titan strikes again! Everything hits the fan, and it is now time for the big freaking epic battle to begin! How exactly did the sentries miss that thing walking up to the walk!? It is a freaking Colossal Titan! Unless something explains it later in the series (do not spoil it in the comments if you already), that is a little strange. Other than that, there is nothing to complain about in the episode. Eren's character continues to show fortitude and development. Unlike a lot of shounen protagonists that swear vengeance, considering what happened to his mother, he has plenty of reason for his actions. All of the actors continue to impress in their roles with Bryce Papenbrook finally starting to come into his role. The animation continues to be positively stunning and spectacular! In fact, I believe the series uses some 3D animation with the 2D, and it is barely noticeable, which is rare. Also, the music was particularly noticeable with a well placed insert song to go along with the epic orchestral score.  

Overall 8.4/10- Attack on delivers yet again with another strong episode that continues to get me invested in the characters and setup for, what I assume will be, a big throwdown in the next episode.

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