Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse and G440 Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Editor: Now, gamer "CranK" will be sharing with us his thoughts about Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse and G440 Gaming Mouse Pad

The Logitech G440 Gaming Mouse Pad

The Logitech G440 Gaming Mouse Pad is designed for high-dpi gaming. Its fine-textured polypropylene surface improves gliding consistency and tracking quality while it has a 3mm thin 3-layer construction with a rubber base to keep the pad in place. On the other hand, the Logitech G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad is designed with a heat-treated textile surface that improves gliding consistency and reduces lint generation. It is only 1mm thin with a rubber base to hold the pad in place. Both of these mouse pads complement the Logitech G mouse sensors and adds to the Logitech G line-up of gaming mice, keyboard, headsets and mouse pads.

The Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse

Aesthetics and Design

From the moment I opened the box cover, the Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse sleek form factor immediately drew a plethora of envious comments from nearby friends. Compared to the more rounded design of the older G700, Logitech have opted for a sharper look this time round. The click buttons protrude from the front in blade-like fashion and the lower profile of the mouse also makes it appear less bulky.

Of course, the ergonomic design is not just for show and allowed my palm to rest comfortably on the body. The G700’s slightly higher profile took some time to get used to, but my hand readily accepted the G602’s contours within minutes of use. The G602 is the longest of my previous 2 mice (Razer Orochi and Logitech G700) and hence allowed my hand to be more spread out and relaxed when on the mouse.
The materials used to the exterior of the mouse were relatively resistant to fingerprints and allowed a good grip. The mouse is powered by 2 AA batteries. However, it can also be powered by only 1 AA battery to reduce weight of the runner.


The G602 comes with 11 programmable buttons which let you assign macros to them. Apart from the 2 clickers, the thumb buttons and sensitivity keys (located next to the left click) provide good feedback. When compared to the G700, the thumb buttons are smaller in size. However, the G602 has 2 more additional (albeit hard to read) buttons available for the user to configure. Unfortunately, the back 2 buttons require some getting used to in order to trigger as they are quite far back.

The 2 buttons next to the left click lets you adjust the sensitivity to your liking while the led. This will allow you to swap between varying DPI presets during a game. A blue striped indicator light sits in front of the thumb buttons to show which of the 5 sensitivity levels is being used currently.


The G602 is the first Logitech mouse to use the Delta Zero sensor technology, which is supposedly provides an increased level of cursor accuracy without the battery drain. The device's performed well for a variety of games, providing accurate movements on wood and plastic surfaces both with and without a mouse pad underneath. True to its claim, I never needed to recharge or replace the batteries throughout the week of moderate gaming. The G602 despite being wireless, performed like any other wired gaming mouse in the market - without the hassle of having a cable.

The G602 proved useful in the MOBA game DotA 2. The 6 thumb buttons allowed me to use a larger variety of items and spells without affecting my normal gameplay. Since switching up my sensitivity settings wasn't really necessary for this game, i remapped one of the keys near the left click button to toggle the push-to-talk voice communication within the game and started communicating with my allies without having to lift my hand off the mouse or stretch my hand across the keyboard to reach the shortcut key.

In a FPS game like Battlefield 3, the sensitivity switching proved useful with different classes. For example, as a sniper you'd probably want to lower the DPI setting to get a better aim, while having a higher sensitivity would benefit the Assault class who often have to whip around to dispatch enemies from the back. The additional thumb buttons could be bound to lobbing grenades or a melee attack.


The G602 is a plug and play mouse and can be used right out of the box.  However to get the most of of the mouse such as game specific profiles, you would have to install the Logitech Gaming Software. A drawback is that these profiles will only work with the software installed so bringing your mouse around with all your game specific settings is not yet possible. I found myself preferring to use the normal profiles which recognise key bindings rather than program-specific shortcuts.


During the short 1 week I've had to test the mouse. I was largely impressed with it's sleek looks, flawless performance and long-lasting battery life. I did not have the chance to truly test its Endurance mode, which supposedly more than doubles it's battery life (I couldn't even drain the battery once on Performance mode). This is a clear cut above the G700 which needs to have it's battery charged every 2 to 3 days. It is a pity the G602 did not come with the ability to charge and use the mouse in wired mode so you don't run into situations where you're in the middle of a crucial battle and you're hunting around your house for a spare AA cell.

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