Logitech G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Editor: Gaming? I have asked |deZire| , a gamer friend of mine to review Logitech's newly released G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad. Let's hear his views about the G240! 

Hi there! |deZire| here writing review for Jeremy.Singapore on Logitech G series' first ever cloth gaming mouse pad - G240. The review is based on the use with my Logitech G700 mouse.

  • It is black... ya... Coffee for your gaming marathon won't stain it.
  • Minimalistic design with the iconic blue G-series logo at the bottom right corner.
  • Soft mouse pad allows it to be rolled up, thus allowing gamers to bring the mouse pad everywhere with minimal bulk.


  • At 34 x 28 cm, it also means that you have a lot of space and can use it as you coaster for your late night coffee or drink while you using the mouse pad. (Any damage to the mousepad due to its unintended use like using it as a coaster is very much likely not covered under the warranty)
  • This is how big it is with comparison to G700 (left) and G600 (right). It is even bigger than my 13" laptop. You can totally put a mug at the corner of the mouse pad, right?


  • Nice surface to rest your wrist on for claw grip style gamers. Despite being only 1 mm thick, the comfort is superb and extremely comfortable surface to rest on for long gaming sessions.
  • Mildly water resistant. Water droplets roll around nicely on the surface. it is NOT hydrophobic so dumping it in your bathtub will still get it wet. This also makes it washable if you realise that it starts to smell like you do.
  • A very good control surface. Good for players that prefer control over speed and for games that requires more control than speed, for example DotA and Starcraft. Friction produced by this surface is just nice for me, allowing me to be fast and also accurate.
  • Weaving of the surface gives very good accuracy and through out the reviewing period, it had not given me any problem with tracking. 
  • Being a soft cloth mouse pad, it means that your mouse feet will not wear off that easily too!
  • Rubber based underside of the mouse pad provides very good grip to your surface and prevents unnecessary movements to the mouse pad during usage.

Some cons of this mouse pad

  • As you can see from the previous photos, the sides of the mouse pad are not stitched to prevent fraying like those on Razer Goliathus.
  • May make your wrist feels warm due to the material used.
  • Might be too big for small tables (no smaller dimensions of the mouse pad available either).


This mouse pad is definitely a good buy for someone looking for a soft mouse pad. Good control, very thin, and very comfortable to rest on. Build quality is good despite its thinness and lack of anti fraying stitching at the sides. If you want portability and control from a mouse pad, buy it! Priced at 29 SGD in various stores in Singapore.

Technical Specifications
Width: 340 mm
Depth: 280 mm
Thickness: 1 mm
Weight: 90g (approximate)
Warranty Information
3-year Limited hardware warranty
Visit http://gaming.logitech.com/en-sg/product/g240-cloth-gaming-mouse-pad for more pictures and features of the mousepad that might not have been mentioned in this review.

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