Pokémon Y journal - entry two

There are quite a few small elements at play in Pokémon Y that remind me of the fourth generation games – specifically the return of planting berry trees and the dowsing machine. The generation six games do not seem to push these as much as Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, though it is curious to see them return after being absent from the fifth generation titles. I don’t dislike the way they’ve been implemented in Y, necessarily, but I still don’t see much use for them in the grand scheme of things any more than I did in my playthrough of Platinum. The berry planting in particular seems a silly over-complication of the berry usage introduced in Gold and Silver.

The distance traveled between one gym to next is generally noticeably longer than in previous Pokémon titles, and there’s a lot to do along the way. Reviving fossilized Pokémon and encountering an Eevee in the wild (similar to Black 2/White 2) shake up traditions enough and streamline portions that would otherwise be slapped on as sidequests. Team Flare’s use of Pokémon that are actually useful is also a nice change of pace, and the fact that they are gradually being introduced along with the fact that I’ve only just reached the third gym seems to imply that X and Y we be among the lengthiest Pokémon adventures of all.

I’m really digging the dual types that make up a solid chunk of the new Pokémon. It makes for interesting yet intuitive battle tactics, while allowing for plenty of freedom in selecting varied movesets. I’ve swapped out about half of my previous party members in favor of using new dual types like Amaura and Inkay, and I’ve evolved my Eevee into Sylveon in order to fill the Fairy type role in my party. Between a Fairy type and an Ice type, I didn’t feel the need to keep Pancham and his Fighting moves around, though I admit that I may swap one of my current team members out later in the game in order to accommodate for Noivern or another Flying or Dragon type Pokémon (most likely, this would be Talonflame or Amaura).

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