New trailer for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds sheds light on plot and characters

A new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has emerged, and seeks to explain some of the plot of the latest installment of Nintendo's beloved adventure series. It seems a world parallel to Hyrule, aptly named Lorule, will be key to the game's story, as resident Princess Hilda (opposite Princess Zelda) apparently has need of Link's heroics. We see a few familiar locations from A Link to the Past, such as the Master Sword's pedestal and the church, as well as more footage of some of the game's new dungeons. We also get a few decent shots of a character who we can presume to be the game's main villain, an individual clad in dark robes and wielding a magical staff. Most notable is the fact that this character has red hair, much like Link's most nefarious nemesis, Ganondorf. However, the beginning of A Link to the Past states that the Ganondorf of that timeline lost his human form and was forever transformed into the beast Ganon. And seeing as Link defeated Ganon at the end of A Link to the Past, it seems unlikely that this character is in fact Ganondorf/Ganon. However, considering that Zelda has a counterpart in Lorule, it is possible that Ganondorf/Ganon might also have a counterpart from this new world. Lorule's villain invading Hyrule would actually make a lot of sense in setting up the story and the literal link between worlds.

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