Confessions: 3 things I do when I cannot sleep

Well, confession pages are quite the 'in' thing these days. So let me share a little confession that I have -  Things that I do when I cannot sleep at night.

I don't usually drink coffee past noon. People around me should know, I love to frequent only one particular chain coffee outlet because they served decaf coffee. My orders at that particular chain is usually with "decaf, non fat milk, no whip".

Before you read on, the content that follows are rated G. G for General (anyone can view), G for #Geeky and G for Great!

1. Surfing Net

Who doesn't serve net right? I guess with the computer on in front of me, I don't get bored easily. What I usually do is to log on to YouTube and start looking for interesting clips. It could be clips of KPop performances, songs, comedy, variety shows, whatever that I can find on the popular video sharing website. 

Recently got addicted to this song:

(Credits to SM Entertainment) 

If not, I will be using Google to search for articles to read. That could range from News to topics like tech gadgets articles. Geeky right?

2. Blogging

(A screenshot of my blog in my blog post, inception much?!)

Another thing that I do is to catch up on the articles that I have to publish ASAP. Juggling between work, play and blog is not easy. Nothing is easy anyway. Anyway, this post is not done during the insomnia. 

3. Meddling with gadgets

This part will inevitably sound super geeky. Anyway, insomnia just visited me last night. So I spent the whole night testing out and setting up my new gateway (integrated modem and router). It has two USB 3.0 ports which I managed to setup to attach a harddisk drive on it to act as a Network Attached Storage. I also tried to make the slightly older router to go into the network as an access point.

Other than that, I usually play with my phone, messing around with the software, apps or installing nonsense on my PC like virtualising an OS.

I know it is not healthy to keep late nights, so I will cut down on coffee! (or just decaf!) As promised, everything is G, safe for work! Now I shall be off to sleep (at 11am). 

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